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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Clothes Closet

Ms. Parmar, Greenbrier's guidance counselor, is seeking donations for the Greenbrier clothes closet. If you have any of the following, please drop the items off at the main office:
  • Pants sizes 5-12 (especially sweatpants or pants made of stretchy material).
  • Shirts sizes 5-12 (anything easy to slip on).
  • A few lightweight sweatshirts or sweaters.

Please no

  • ponchos,
  • capes,
  • tank tops,
  • button-up shirts,
  • socks,
  • shoes,
  • underwear,
  • pajamas,
  • winter coats (yet anyway), or
  • adult size items.

It is helpful if families only send us a few carefully chosen items. If we are given large bags or boxes of stuff, we quickly run out of room to store it. It also really helps if things are freshly laundered and free of stains and rips.

Thanks for your help!

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